The Fantasy Baseball Addict Grand Opening

Today marks the official grand opening of The Fantasy Baseball Addict blog. Sure, I have had this blog up and running since April. That was the soft opening. During that time I enjoyed writing blog posts while promoting the blog on Twitter. Along the way a few people posted comments here and I also had nice Twitter conversations.

My goal is to have a blog site that appeals to everyday baseball fans and fantasy baseball owners. The Team Clubhouse area is where fans of specific teams can chat about that team. These clubhouses should appeal to everyday baseball fans and fantasy baseball owners. Please, if you are a fan of a specific team, post a comment(s) in those clubhouses about anything dealing with that team as often as you like.

My blog posts usually will have a fantasy baseball slant to them. At the top of the main page will be the Community Baseball Discussion Area post that can include any kind of baseball discussion and also The Fantasy Baseball Questions In-Box post.  My personal goal for writing on this blog site is 3 to 5 blog posts a week and replying to as many comments and questions by others as time allows. Feel free to suggest ideas for blog posts you wish me to write on.

Many of my Twitter followers are knowledgeable in fantasy baseball. I have listed on the links page their websites if you wish to check them out. As I have said, I wish to grow this to be a great community gathering place for fantasy baseball and regular ol’ baseball fans alike. I encourage anyone here to answer questions posed on the blog. The idea is to form a great community!

Please bookmark the site and make a comment or many comments today and going forward. Please tell your friends about this blog site. Remember the goal is to have a community of people who regularly post here and carry on great conversations and provide useful information and insight. So please don’t be shy. Post comments, and post often if you like!

Oh, and one more thing; let us know what your “Twitter @ handle or @ nickname” is with each comment you make so others can find you on Twitter!

About Dan Hilsgen

I'm a fantasy baseball addict. I am a writer at I have a BS in Print Journalism from the University Of Wisconsin - River Falls. While in college I wrote briefly for the Associated Press. I have a deep love for sports, writing, baseball and fantasy baseball. You will find that I also love sabermetric statistics. I use these statistics to form educated projections on baseball players future performance levels. In the off-season I have a fantasy baseball draft kit available for purchase and during the season I sell daily fantasy sports baseball lineup suggestions. To purchase either one email me at
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10 Responses to The Fantasy Baseball Addict Grand Opening

  1. Hey Dan. I like the look of everything. I can’t say how much I’ll be here as I’m spread thin already, but I will be checking in from time to time. Good luck with the site from me and everyone at Fantasy Assembly.

    • Dan Hilsgen says:

      Thanks Jim. I totally understand time being spread thin. Twitter is a great collecting area of people but I figured that if I could work towards building a blog site that would serve the same basic function then we all could get to know each other a bit better, have more detailed conversations and grow as a community here. The process will take years but I am in it for the long haul. Figured I could be a bit of a promoter for people on Twitter too so if you answer someone else’s question(s) here don’t be surprised if I am Tweeting about it! Fantasy Assembly looks nice. Good luck over there!

  2. Adam says:

    Fantasy baseball playoffs are coming soon, just need Tulo an Cuddyer back as I feel I can make a deep run!

  3. This is sweet. I will have my fellow fantasy peers peek in on this !

    • Dan Hilsgen says:

      Thanks Marcus and Logan, oh, and feel free to post your Twitter handle/nickname in any comment you make!

      Anyone else have any ideas on what they would like me to write on in my next blog post?

  4. Logan Watson says:

    Sounds like a blast! I know several others also! @lowgainwatts20

  5. Dan Hilsgen says:

    Thanks guys and welcome! Paul is a big prospect guy. My guess is he will be posting in many different team clubhouses, etc! There has been 122 page views thus far today. I know it’s a bit weird to be one of the first ones to post and get the comments flowing but please feel free to post stuff. Start up the conversation in the Clubhouse of your favorite team!

  6. Paul Woodin says:

    Looks great excited to be part of this awesome community!

  7. Ed Harris says:

    Looking forward to it. @edastro

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