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This area is reserved for any baseball or fantasy baseball discussion you wish to have. One primary goal of this blog is always to be community-friendly, and I firmly believe one way to do that is to have a consistent spot where people can just make quick comments or even post longer articles that they 100 percent wrote themselves (i.e. don’t plagiarise).

So, don’t be shy, write about anything baseball related here. It could be about the majors, minors, prep players or even about your day at the ballpark! Be sure to subscribe to the blog as well and bookmark it!

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I'm a fantasy baseball addict. I am a writer at I have a BS in Print Journalism from the University Of Wisconsin - River Falls. While in college I wrote briefly for the Associated Press. I have a deep love for sports, writing, baseball and fantasy baseball. You will find that I also love sabermetric statistics. I use these statistics to form educated projections on baseball players future performance levels. In the off-season I have a fantasy baseball draft kit available for purchase and during the season I sell daily fantasy sports baseball lineup suggestions. To purchase either one email me at
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4 Responses to Community Baseball Discussion Area

  1. Robinson AP says:

    Just curious to know what Prince Fielder’s owner been doing with him so far? So many options with first basemen right now…

    • Dan Hilsgen says:

      There are a lot of options at 1B right now. I don’t own him in either league. His BABIP is low and likely will rebound a bit but he has been off to a slow start. He’s striking out less and walking more so he should become productive again here one would think. From 2011 through 2013 his ISO and wOBA saber statistics were falling and that trend has continued this year. His HR/FB ratio also has been in free fall mode over that time span and we may just be seeing a slugger losing some of his power as he reaches age 30 in 3 days from now. I avoided Fielder in one of my two leagues this year at auction as I saw a decline already starting to happen in the numbers. He went for $41 at auction in that league, second only to Miguel Cabrera. Guess the owners bidding on him saw him going to Texas and figured more homers were in order for him. Guess they figured wrong.

  2. ghostwriter21 says:

    Do you think it will be too late for the Pirates’ division title hopes or even playoff hopes if they wait much longer to call up Polanco?

    • Dan Hilsgen says:

      I do think the Pirates should bring up Polanco A.S.A.P. They made the playoffs last year and obviously want to double down on that and show the fan base and baseball fans in general that they weren’t just one-year wonders. Polanco looks ready to me. I think there is a time and a place to move slower with prospects and also faster with them. I think the time is right, right now, to promote him and hopefully that energizes the team. The Brewers have had such an amazing start this season that it has put the pressure on the Pirates to make this move now. Promoting him now gives the Pirates the best chance of going on a run and increasing their playoff hopes despite their slow start. Great question Clay to start off some discussion in the Community Baseball Discussion Area! What do others here think about this? What would you do if you were the GM of the Pirates with Polanco?

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