Community Baseball Discussion Area

This area is reserved for any baseball or fantasy baseball discussion you wish to have. One primary goal of this blog is always to be community-friendly, and I firmly believe one way to do that is to have a consistent spot where people can just make quick comments or even … Continue reading

The Fantasy Baseball Questions In-Box

The goal of this post area is for you to ask any fantasy baseball related questions you have. If you are asking a question about your team please give us as much information as possible so we can answer your question with the best possible advice. Some things you should … Continue reading

Fantasy CY Young Thus Far In 2014

Felix Hernandez – Mariners: 11 W, 2.02 ERA, 163 SO, 0.90 WHIP To me it is crystal clear that King Felix is the fantasy baseball Cy Young at this point in the season. He has 11 wins, which ties him with a bunch of players but he is only 1 … Continue reading

Offensive Fantasy MVP Race

Here, in my humble opinion, are the top candidates at this point in the season. Troy Tulowitzki, Rockies: 21 HR, 71 R, 52 RBI, 1 SB, .340 Avg, .432 OBP, .603 SLG, 1.035 OPS With Tulowitzki you get lots of power, runs, and batting average from a middle infield spot. … Continue reading

2014 Fantasy Baseball All-Stars

Here are my picks for 2014 fantasy baseball All-Stars by position for the AL and the NL. Do you think someone else should have been listed instead of one of these guys? If so, why, and why would you replace then? AL: C: Salvador Perez (KC): 11 HR, 39 R, … Continue reading

A Look At 3B With 200+ PA

Lonnie Chisenhall is the wOBA king of the hot corner currently. Will his second half be as good as his first half? Almost as good? It can’t be better, right??? Adrian Beltre has been a bright spot for the Rangers this season. However, he only has 11 HR. How many … Continue reading

A Look At SS With 90+ PA

Troy Tulowitzki is still the fantasy baseball BEAST he has been all season long. How many HR do you think he finishes the season with? What will his batting average be? Josh Rutledge of the Rockies only has the 2nd best wOBA of SS with 90+ plate appearances. He has been … Continue reading