Community Baseball Discussion Area

This area is reserved for any baseball or fantasy baseball discussion you wish to have. One primary goal of this blog is always to be community-friendly, and I firmly believe one way to do that is to have a consistent spot where people can just make quick comments or even … Continue reading

The Fantasy Baseball Questions In-Box

The goal of this post area is for you to ask any fantasy baseball related questions you have. If you are asking a question about your team please give us as much information as possible so we can answer your question with the best possible advice. Some things you should … Continue reading

Free Agent Outfielder Playoff Help

Quick, name the outfielder that currently is not listed as a starter on his MLB team’s depth chart on but who has hit 2 home runs, scored 4 runs, knocked in 6 RBI and swiped 2 bases all while hitting .345 the last 7 days with a healthy 33 … Continue reading

End Of Season Analysis Of Blog Posts

I won’t go over every blog post of mine, but I will comment on a number of the good, bad and ugly outcomes of my analysis and/or advice. The Good: 1. I had Oakland Athletics starting pitcher Sonny Gray listed as my #26 ranked starting pitcher entering the season. We … Continue reading

Derek Holland: Playoff Team Free Agent Gold

You remember Derek Holland, right? You know, the guy that pitched 213 innings last year for the Texas Rangers and struck out 189 batters to go along with a 3.42 ERA and 1.286 WHIP. Yeah, that guy. Sure, he also is the guy that has missed almost the entire 2014 … Continue reading

Need Stolen Bases? Add Juan Lagares!

Today’s blog post is for those who are in their fantasy baseball playoffs and are in need of stolen bases. If this is you, then read on, as I will now suggest you see if New York Mets outfielder Juan Lagares is available and if so, then, add him. In … Continue reading

Jordy Mercer Is Worth The Gamble

If your team is in the playoffs and is in need of spot start help at short stop the flavor of the week seems to be Pittsburgh Pirates short stop Jordy Mercer. In the last seven days he has hit 3 home runs in 25 plate appearances. That kind of … Continue reading